And Miles To Go Before I Sleep...

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Sometimes I post old writing on this blog.  I think its a cry for attention.

My mom didn’t hug me enough

but really she probably hugged me too often

and told me I was handsome

and nobody would ever be good enough for me

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"I have come to the strange realization that I am happiest alone. That when I can sit with my thoughts the whole world seems to spin slower and the tides roll by in slow motion. I enjoy people, dont misunderstand me, I love people. Being surrounded by them at a party with a drink in my hand is one of my favorite things to do. But I am truly happiest when I am alone in my room with my books and my clothes and my shoes neatly stacked in my closet and my mind at ease. It is so terribly difficult to constantly be pushing oneself to talk the most and laugh the loudest. There is such peace in solitude. There is such pleasure in being totally alone. I love they way I can stay up late telling myself stories or writing in my underwear or drinking tea and reading a good book. I love how when I sleep alone I can spread my entire body out on the bed and breath in the fresh scent of the sheets. I love how when I wake up alone I can sing in the shower if I want to I can eat whatever kind of breakfast I want and whenever I want to. I love when it rains and I am alone that I can watch the droplets form on the window pane and really pay attention to how slowly they fall."
Excerpt from “On Being Alone” A short work by Esperanza Friel  (via speioritur)

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"They spoil every romance by trying to make it last forever."
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Brownie in a mug

eating it now. so good,

Marcie this is positively sinful! So good and cheap and fast! thank you for reblogging it!

Never not reblogging



Reblogging because this is one of my favorite desserts. (Officially it’s a steamed pudding in the British sense of the word, but there’s no point in getting too hung up in nomenclature.)

Just made this. Go forth and microwave, friends. Also awesome with some fruit slices on top!

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