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And Miles To Go Before I Sleep...

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Beautiful Day

Tattoo is not going to happen yet. It’s about a six hour job, she said, and would cost about $700. I kinda can’t afford that. Period.

I had lunch at an Ethiopian Restaurant. It was very, very good, very different, and the server was excellent (She got like a 40% tip. I was very generous today!)

Then, I went and checked out Tina Fey’s autobiography,Bossypants; however, I was pissed when they wouldn’t let me renew 1Q84. Damn quasi-asshole librarians.

Then, Rachel and I went to West County Mall, where I decided to purchase three new pairs of boxer briefs. I didn’t use to wear them, but these are very cozy…. Anyways, Aeropostale had an AWESOME sale! Three pairs for $22! Much better than anywhere else. I was happy.

Now, I’m preparing to make hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. I haven’t decided if they will mix yet.

How are all of you, friends? :)

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