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And Miles To Go Before I Sleep...

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June 17th, 2012

So, I’m at home, bored, again, and figured I’d give you a lovely update on my life.

Remember how I had a what might have been a date date? Well, I grew some balls and told the dude how I felt. He turned me down, but in probably the best way anyone could turn anyone down. We will stay friends, and with him, that’s something that’s actually possible. So that’s nice. I wasn’t even really sad. Just relieved that all that pressure of “WHATTHEHELLDOIDO?!” was lifted from my shoulders. Is that weird?

I have successfully saved about 95 dollars from my paycheck, which is enough to pay for the three trial oboes I am having my shipped to my house within the next couple of weeks :D So, by July, I will own an instrument. FINALLY.

Also, I have officially decided not to do marching band for at least my freshman year of college. The time commitment would be so hefty, not to mention that I will be working and obviously getting my education. I’m still doing band (obviously—Music Composition major) and choir is still up in the air (fingers crossed). I go to Mizzou on Tuesday and Wednesday for my summer welcome, where I will make my schedule and do all sorts of other cool things, so that’s exciting. And I’m going to do work study! I have a job reserved for me in the Fine Arts Building in the office for the School of Music—Wahoo! That’s an extra $600 each semester for doing little tasks like running errands and making copies.

Today is Father’s Day and I would just like to announce how happy I am that I myself am not a father.

My PS2 games are MIA, which is upsetting; however, I feel some Final Fantasy IX itching in my tummy. I’ll probably hook everything up and get to playin’ within the next couple of hours…

Okay, I suppose that’s all I have to say. How are you?

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