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And Miles To Go Before I Sleep...

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Hello, Dearest Followers,

How have you been today? Hopefully significantly better than me. Not that today is a bad day (word on the street says it’s International Kissing Day, so if any guy in the St. Louis area wants to kiss me, let me know!) but today is just exhausting physically (my car said it was 116 degrees outside), mentally, and emotionally. Blahhh. Last night was interesting. This guy I’m talking to finally got the courage to talk to me on the phone. We spent 3 hours talking, broken into two half-hour segments (After I watched a few episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog) and he fell asleep. The reason we have yet to meet face-to-face is because he was recently out of a relationship. Like, less than a month ago. So, he doesn’t think he is ready for, well, anything. And I’m dying for a relationship with him. No good, right? Well, when he fell asleep he started mumbling. He kept saying I love you, I hate you, I’m so sorry. I didn’t understand. Well, I got off the phone and he called me back because he had a nightmare that he was fighting with his ex. So, I don’t know. He doesn’t want me to wait for him because I’ll “miss a chance with an amazing guy.” You want to know what Trey does not come into contact with? Amazing men. Fo’ rizzle. Except for this guy. I’m just worried that I’m going to miss my chance with the most amazing guy. So, I am just stuck and I am frustrated and he is so damn great and sweet but I don’t know if I will ever have a chance, especially since I am moving about an hour and a half away in less than a month. Why put yourself through that if you don’t even need to?

Also, I can’t decide if I want to do Marching Mizzou or not. That there is some really frustrating business. I’m just worried that with a job, work-study, and everything else that I won’t be able to handle the additional workload of Marching Band. And I’d have to keep up with two instruments, since the world ends whenever oboes go outside.

My stepmom is losing her mind and I really don’t know why, and that’s terrible because when she isn’t happy, no one is happy. The second she walked through the door, she started rattling off about fifteen million things that were my fault.

I can’t wait to be off Sunday; however, I don’t want to drive down to Farmington to hang out with people. I want some of my friends to actually show they give a rat’s ass and drive up here to see me for a change. There is so much more to do up here, and I’ve made the trip down to Farmington like four or five times. No damn fun. I can’t keep blowing all of that money in gas. Just not working out for me.

Oh, and I bought new shoes on the Fourth of July.

Have a great weekend.

Got any advice?

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Check Out This Band →

"Made up of Mike McClanahan on lead and backup and Ashley-Lizette Berry on backup and lead, this anti-hipster duo of somewhat-hipsters seek to draw in real-life hipsters with their acoustically-centered melodies and hard-to-swallow lyrics… ironically.

Mike McClanahan is on lead vocals and guitar. He also sings backup when Ashley sings lead.

Ashley-Lizette plays mandolin and sings backup. She also sings lead when Mike sings backup.”

“The “Death By Civilization” EP was released in 2010 and was so underground that Harriet Tubman be buildin’ a railroad all up in here.”

They’re awesome, kind, and hilarious. If you like them, please consider purchasing their digital album.

Like them on facebook!

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A band with one of my best friends (the bassist) in it. From Farmington, MO. I don’t even like metal, but this is wonderful. I hope you enjoy. They’re between the ages of 16-18.

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I had to go to the bank

So that I could deposit a $25.00 check I received from the parents of my excellent friend Evan. Not only is my bank in what is arguably the worst place to drive in St. Louis county, people were maniacs today. One dude in a big ass SUV was just cutting everyone off (including me) right and left like nobody’s business. (He actually did it in both directions…) Then, as I was leaving the bank, I ended up stuck in the middle of a funeral procession. It was just hectic.

Now, I work at 1, get off at 5. Woo… BUT I AM OFF FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND!

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